How to Leverage Your Current Position to Get the Job You Want

While luck may not have been on our side during critical and initial times when we had to make a drastic choice about our career path, it doesn’t mean that it wouldn’t arrive eventually. In some cases, the majority of the working class were forced to deal with the cards at the table during a particular time. But that doesn’t mean luck itself won’t come knocking at your door anytime soon.


To deal with this dilemma, here are ways to leverage your current position en route to that dream job:


Conduct research – First and foremost, you may already have different thoughts swirling inside your head. This is a good start. But learn to focus more on the ‘logistical’ side of the situation. Evaluate your current position. Compare and contrast it with your current and dream job. Will your value increase or at least have longevity over the course of your career? Gather as much information as you can and don’t be hesitant to discuss these with your colleagues also. Your true peers would want the best for you.


Remain honest – When the time comes that you need to step up a notch, you’re going to have to discuss the matter with your superiors. Like mentioned before, no matter how valuable you are to your current company, your best interest should be the main goal first and foremost. The individuals who truly care for you will see this as an opportunity for you to grow and push you closer to your goals whereas obliging you to remain under their wing for their own benefits. As long as you remain honest and transparent, then there shouldn’t be any problem.


Select carefully – At the end of the day, time waits for no one and you will eventually need to make a smart decision. The keyword here is ‘smart’. Take your time to weigh your options and truly understand whether this is the right path you’re going to take. Are there individuals in your life that’s going to have to sacrifice in order for you to reach that dream? These are just some of the matters you need to reflect on outside those office doors. Ensure that everything feels just before making that decision.


Stay open – Finally, just because one door opened doesn’t mean the other one should be closed. You never know when you might need that previous colleague or when your previous company might need you sometim in the future. The objective here is to stay open and don’t just cut some ties yet. Keep your connections with former colleagues on an open line and grow your network from here on out. Take the time to catch up with them and forge in their own memories the bond that you once shared together. Remember, your network is your net worth.

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