Do I have to pursue one of these careers that the test has highlighted?

Absolutely not- these tests are one of the many ways to interpret what career would be best suited for you. Chatting with Dr. Drew or one of his team can help focus your career aspirations.

I think I completed the test on an off-day. Can I re-take the test?

Sorry to hear you may have had an “off-day.” Some of the tests you could retake for a small fee; however, some of the tests would require a six-month window. Contact our team to determine if you can retake the test right away and any additional fees associated.

Some of the questions are time-limited. Can I request extra time to complete the assessment?

Great question! Unfortunately, there is a reason behind the timed testing portions of the various tests. We are unable to give you extra time.

What happens after the test is completed?

Depending on which test you completed, the results will be instant or delivered to your email. Your receipt will acknowledge if you will need to wait 24 hours for your report or not. When you receive your report, take the time to review every section and take notes on what you glean from your report. You can book an appointment with Dr. Drew or one of his team to review your results and talk about the next steps for a fee.

How is this test different than a test I can complete online for free?

Excellent question! When an online test is formed, usually what happens is that you are completing a piece of the overall test. When you pay for the test, you are paying for the entire piece of the puzzle!