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What is the Learning Library?

 Dr. Drew and his Vocational Quest team are always looking to provide you with as much value as possible to support your journey. That’s why the Learning Library was created. With over 140 courses, get unlimited access today to hone your skills in business, basic administration, sales and marketing, and much, much more!

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Who is the Learning Library for?

The Learning Library was created for anyone with a passion for lifelong learning and/or for those dedicated to learning a new skill. You may be fresh out of school or looking to transition. This platform is also perfect for companies looking to provide added value or work perks for their employees to offer them ongoing learning.

Course Detail and Examples

You will not be disappointed with the variety of courses Vocational Quest’s Learning Library offers. And with the unlimited access you receive with any monthly or annual subscription, you will be able to explore at your own pace.

Course examples include Business Acumen, Basic Bookkeeping, Social Media Marketing, Presentation Skills, Sales Fundamentals, Negotiation, Coaching and Mentoring, Women in Leadership, Crisis Management, Onboarding Employees, and so much more!

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How long will this take?

That’s the best part! Each course is a learn-at-your-own-pace program. With an easy user experience, you can jump back in and continue learning with ease whenever you like. The courses are quick – yet educational – and you have the ability to complete them on your desktop or your mobile phone.


It’s important to Dr. Drew and the Vocational Quest team that you’re rewarded for your efforts. After successfully completing each course, you will be sent a certification that you can proudly boast on your resume or LinkedIn profile, signed directly by Dr. Drew.

Pricing and Packages


    Monthly - Unlimited monthly access $99/month+GST for 1-9 employees. After 9 employees, it’s $9/employee/month+GST

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    Annual - Unlimited monthly access for 12 months for $999/yr for 1-9 employees. Save 16% per month! After 9 employees, its $99/yr per employee.
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All pricing in CDN $

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