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Looking for a fresh perspective on a current business issue?  Need a nudge in the right direction?  A MasterMind group uses the power of collective thinking to assist you in solving your business /leadership issues!

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Do you need a tune-up?  

Dr. Drew has over 15 years of practical experience working with people as well as leadership theory knowledge to up your leadership game! These individual meetings allow you to work with Drew directly to solve your business problems! 

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The road may be winding

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Growth and Change are two areas that we support. At Vocational Quest, we are here for both you and your employees. Contact Us today to learn more


Not quite sure what the future has in store? Feeling stuck in your role? Wondering how to take the next step in your career plan?

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Providing career guidance is both science and art combined where Dr. Drew utilizes both education and experience to ignite your possibilities.

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From career planning to working solutions, my focus is always on building an efficient and results-driven relationship

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Check out Dr. Drew Fockler's Somehow We Manage eBook series to have some insight on career development!

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