Public Speaking: The Power Of Words

Your words are power. Think of the number of people you have made smile by saying, “I really appreciate you.” Or the number of people you have hurt by saying, “Can’t you do anything right?”   Use your words more effectively… 1. Understand their influence. Do not use or choose your terms lightly. A wrong word can turn an audience … Read More

Unreasonable Requests

It is probably the number two task of leadership — asking. You ask people to do things, and when they do — well, stuff happens. But what really extends your ability to make big things happen is asking for things that are “unreasonable.”   What is unreasonable? Asking people for things you have no right to expect from them, which … Read More

We Sell For Less and Our Stores Are a Mess!

What kind of image do you present when marketing your products? Are you professional and well organized or does your store/site/whatever scream, “sloppy!” to those who matter the most: your customers?   Let’s see how one leading retailer is winning the sales war, but losing an important battle: store organization. As much as price is a driving factor in winning … Read More

Honesty in Business!

What I want to discuss in this article is the basic idea of honesty. The internet is a wonderful place to do business and, any of us that have worked in this field for awhile know that traffic is king. The one major challenge with doing business online is that we don’t always get to be face to face with … Read More