How to Breathe Easier and Let Go of Work Stress

As we ease into the first quarter of 2022, most of us may have already experienced the stress at work and the bombardment from our daily lives. Ranging from our day to day activities and not to mention our obligations and responsibilities outside of the workplace, sometimes we just need some time to breathe.


Below are a few tips on how to let go of the stresses at work and just… breathe:

  • Assess Your Management Skills

Staying on top of our annual goals can be overwhelming. From work to personal goals, it’s easy to get tangled into both and forget how to balance things. The key here is to set and prioritize daily, micro goals en route to bigger and better things. Break it down from daily to hourly, minutes to seconds. It’s better to be 1% better everyday than 0 progress.

  • Connect With Your Colleagues

You’re not the only one who’s struggling to breathe. Besides, when was the last time you truly got to know your colleagues? Well now is the perfect time! Host a get together whether it’s one-on-one or a mini team building activity, there’s no one you can relate to more than your colleagues! Learn from the pioneers in the business, get to know the newly-hired guys and offer some guidance, anything to connect with your colleagues and let each of them know that you’re all in this daily grind together as one team.

  • Rebuild Your Workplace

The sights and sounds of the workplace may seem mundane to you by now. But that doesn’t always have to be the case! This moment in time is the perfect idea to revamp your entire workplace… or your own little nook as for now. Throw away useless little things and try to organize your workspace. Maybe add additional lighting or move onto a better view. Integrate some plants in your area and adding a good scent or two never hurt anyone. Move somewhere near someone where you can even be more productive.

  • Stay Healthy

At the end of the day, stress comes down between you and your wellbeing. Staying healthy can be more than just working out, eating healthy and getting a good night’s sleep. It’s the little things that matter also. From weekly wellness challenges with your colleagues, active meetings, minimizing unnecessary screen time to switching from a traditional desk to a standing one or maybe even investing in those trendy gaming chairs in the market today. Trust us, they’re comfortable! The littlest things matter.


Mostly, it’s important to just take a break when everything can seem a bit overwhelming and just take the time to do slow and deep breaths. You can Google a myriad of breathwork exercises online today. Stress is mostly our body’s signal to just take things easier and one at a time. Never let these things interfere with your overall well being because it’s never worth it to gamble on your health no matter how high the stakes may be. At the end of the day, no one else can look after you but yourself. In those difficult times, just remember to relax, keep it easy and breathe!