Searching for a Job in Canada? Some Reminders to Be Thankful For…

Monday, October 11 is Thanksgiving across Canada! This post-pandemic, with the rollout of vaccines and the world gradually returning to a new normal, we certainly have something to be thankful for. Jobseekers around the world and mainly in Canada are at an all-time high, thanks to larger-scale re-openings and new employment opportunities. Here are some reminders to be thankful for … Read More

Scary Social Media: How Social Media Can Affect Your Job Search

Halloween is almost here, and in honour of this spooky month let’s talk about scary social media! Although it’s easy to have fun online nowadays, with the ease of connecting with family and friends and a myriad of entertaining content to engage in, it can get scary when social media plays a vital role in your job searching journey. Below … Read More