The ‘Easter Eggs’ in Your Resume: Hidden Gems in Your Documents That Will Make You Stand Out

However your job searching journey may end up, it all boils down to ourselves at the end of the day. It’s a tough competition out there. Every other jobseeker is on the same mission as you. One factor you can improve on to be a step ahead of your competition before you even step foot outside your door, is crafting a well-thought resume that stands out. Today we discuss how:

  • Eliminate Unnecessary Information

When preparing your resume for multiple job applications, the easy route would be to create one that would be accepted in most job openings. You might want to avoid this route. Instead, craft your resume specifically for the job opening that you applied for and include only the necessary information that would suit that job application. 

  • Flaunt Your Accomplishments

Another ‘easter egg’ that you could plant in your resume is the Accomplishments section. This is the part where you flaunt and flex your way into the company. If necessary, include all your academic and non-academic background as long as it’s relevant to the job that you’re going for. In this case, the more the merrier.

  • Position Within the Job’s Description

To avoid wasting both your time and the companies that you are applying for, aim directly for what they’re looking for right from the get go. For example, state in your application letter the reasons why you are the perfect match for the job opening. This also applies for all of the other relevant information that you’ll include in your resume.

  • Specify the Summary Section

In this final ‘easter egg’ to make your resume stand out among others, learn to expound every other information about yourself that would allow them to choose you above the others. Avoid generic terms and always keep in mind to specify your statements in line with the job application that you are going for.


In a sea of aspiring job seekers, it’s the little details that matter. What you may have failed to do so, the other aspirant may have achieved. Aside from a well-crafted resume, think outside the box and focus on different aspects of your job searching journey. Acquire more skills by investing in yourself. Moreover, never neglect your personal appearance! Your image is the package you’re trying to sell to others. Expand your knowledge, invest in presentable and professional clothing and stay on top of your grooming! Good luck on your journey!