Summer is Here! How to Keep a Sunnier Outlook When the Job Search Feels Bleak

Sun’s out, guns out! If you aren’t feeling the summer festivities and prefer to ostracize yourself from the crowd instead due to being unemployed or underemployed, look at the bright side! This season, your journey continues in your job hunting escapade with these few but reliable tips:


Celebrate small victories

No matter where you are in your job search, it’s normal to feel down and depressed because of unfavorable results. However, shifting to a positive mindset and remaining hopeful of what’s to come will play a huge factor on your daily mood. Even if it’s less favorable results such as getting pre-interviewed or getting rejected during that final interview, you’re one step ahead the last time and however small these progresses may seem to you, always celebrate them.


Keep learning

Whenever you’re feeling rebellious because you assume that the entire system is against you, you may want to relax and look at the mirror instead. Learn to ask questions like “How am I better against the competition?”, “What do I bring to the table?” and “How much can I improve myself from here on out?”. After asking these to yourself, you will have a reignited drive to constantly acquire and learn new skills to further stand out from the competition.


Take advantage of the actual job hunting

Remember celebrating victories no matter how small they are? During your job hunt, do not take for granted that even though you have not landed that dream job yet, you’re still grateful to wake up and experience life itself, conquering several challenges ahead. Take advantage of your daily job hunt to simply enjoy going out, feasting your eyes on beautiful scenery and looking forward to working on these companies that you want to work for while engaging with people.


Tap your network

Speaking of people, now may be the perfect time to catch up with old colleagues, family and peers that may play a role in your job hunt. Remember, your network is your net worth. You never know who among them may know somebody from someone else who can be the deciding factor of your future vocation. As long as you remember to return a deed in the future, tap all of your network today and do not hesitate to seek guidance.


Your career doesn’t define you

Despite several outcomes, it’s natural to feel negative, obsolete and useless towards ourselves during rejection. But always keep in mind that these things occur and it’s never personal. You may not be the professional that they are looking for but you are much more than that. Always uphold your dignity because at the end of the day, your career doesn’t define you. It’s that humane personality of yours that will keep moving forward and staying positive no matter the outcome.