Feeling Blue? Tips for Coping Through a Winter Job Search

As if the winter season isn’t tough enough, the challenges of a job search may keep you feeling more than blue. If you’ve been feeling sluggish this winter season due to fewer than usual job openings and a lack of vitamin D, you’re not alone. Rather than staying frozen in negativity, consider the ways in which this downtime may be an opportunity to improve on your job search mindset while also strengthening your spirit.

Below are tips on how to cope through a freezing job search this winter season:

Consider Alternatives

Have you been using the same job search documents/websites/resources, etc. and still remain in the same place? It may be time to consider changing your perspective & commonly utilized tools to find new inspiration and avenues for job search. 

Increase Productivity

A slowdown in job search doesn’t necessarily have to translate to sluggish productivity levels. In fact, this may be the perfect time to up the ante. Double your efforts by matching the amount of energy you put into your job search and preparations with the goal of increasing your chances even more.

Prioritize Maintenance

Applying for a job and hoping for the best just won’t do it. Instead, master the skill of follow-ups, inquiries and being a better version of yourself everyday. Assess where you may have come up short and look to accomplish building your skills in an incremental and sustainable way. 

Be Thoughtful With Your Finances

If you are between positions at the moment, your finances may be on the tight side. Even if you have someone to lean on for extra financial support, consider making it a project to start saving and tightening your budget, at least for now. Budgeting is a skill that certainly takes time to develop, but it is certainly worth the investment.

Positive Mindset

While job searching may be tough physically and mentally during this season, it’s vital to search for small wins and accomplishments throughout your day that may help you foster a positive mindset. Job search and feeling constantly overlooked by employers can certainly take a negative toll, so be gentle with yourself and focus on the aspects of your job search that you can control.

Job searching is no easy feat, let alone in the winter season. After all the hard work and time you’ve put into academics, not to mention the job searching journey itself, it can be a rather discouraging process. Following these few tips and finding a healthy balance that works for you, will hopefully make your job search journey more manageable and ultimately, successful.