Tips for starting your 2022 off with Confidence

It’s that time of the year again! As the holidays come to a close, we’re off to another 365 days of fresh start and new beginnings! While 2021 may have been a better year than its predecessor, it has been a year of change, hope, and moving forward. For 2022, let’s cross our fingers for the continuation of life as we once knew it and move forward with optimism and confidence.

Below are some tips on how to start the New Year with confidence:

Begin with Reflection

Forget your “New Year, New Me” mantra and “New Year’s Resolution” façade which you’ll likely abandon once February approaches. Instead, start off the year with gratitude by simply reflecting on the simple things in life. Whether it’s through meditation, journaling or simply living and taking your time to enjoy the moment, 2022 is about not taking anything for granted.

Celebrate Small Wins

When it feels like your tasks and goals are becoming overwhelming, try to focus on the small wins you achieve from a day-to-day basis – this could be taking a walk around the block to clear your head and fit some movement into your day. Or, this could look like saying ‘no’ to something you have no interest in doing, or setting healthy boundaries with family or co-workers. Celebrating small victories and acknowledging your growth is an important aspect of integrating greater confidence into your daily life.

Be Deliberate

The New Year is all about manifesting and deliberating on how to achieve your goals. It’s only right to up the ante when it comes to setting your goals whether it’s personal, financial, fitness, relationship or otherwise. Take the time to perceive it, plan it, write it and relentlessly work on it on a daily basis.

Being one percent (1%) better than you were the day before is a good way to start the year mentally and physically. Some days may be tougher than others but it is during these times that we truly understand ourselves and how willing we are to face adversity for a much better outcome. Life is a cycle of living and learning from our mistakes to be a more confident and complete version of ourselves, and 2022 is the perfect time to practice that mentality.